Ghost Win 7 64Bit Pro Full Soft Mới Nhất 2019

Win 7 ghost is the choice of many people because the Ghost Windows is very fast & easy, with just a few simple steps.

In this article, we will cốt truyện with you the 64-bit & 32-bit versions of Ghost Win 7 Ultimate, including non-software versions, the full version of the basic software, and the full software version. Driver.


Ghost Windows 7 Ultimate Full Soft - No Driver

Legacy standard MBR hard drive

32-bit (x86) version :

File .ISO: Link google drive | Code MD5: 11727200a4fc9976702e2b5b354d36f6

File .GHO: Link google drive | Code MD5: 6f7d89bbc7e3e3bc4c4ee361bfe8e550

64 bit version (x64):

File .ISO: Link google drive | Code MD5: e6791ed7172ea31e73af67606203e336

File .GHO: Link google drive | Code MD5: 5284b6b2c3d0bbdd88b1a7d5fecd169f

Standard UEFI GPT hard drive

64 bit version: Link google drive | Code MD5: 76bf976236c5412ed7d3143652d02d7cDo

These Ghost versions vì not have drivers available, so you can tải về the Easy Driver version khổng lồ install. See also: Download Easy Driver 7

Ghost Windows 7 Ultimate Full Soft + Full Driver

Legacy standard MBR hard drive

32 bit version Link google drive | Code SHA1: 784DEE56A76C7A15D501446C8457CC774C39FA43

64 bit version : Link google drive | Code SHA1: 4C99AD069E4D972CBF565A85F14116969B417CD6

Standard UEFI GPT hard drive

64 bit version : Link google drive | Code SHA1: 69B5D7B6AB0717FB89DA40566B5A986BC6FB94F6

Characteristics of ghost versions of Windows 7 Ultimate:

Made from the original Windows 7 Ultimate from Microsoft integrated IE 11The ghost version has been optimized, refined, service . lớn achieve sầu the highest performance.After installing you access C: Extra to use tool active windows và office.Do not personalize any Windows components.

Ghost Windows 7 Ultimate Full Soft - No Driver includes: 

Microsoft Office 2016 (Word năm 2016, Excel năm 2016, Powerpoint năm 2016, .)CcleanerGoogle ChromeFoxit ReaderUltraViewer Version 6.2Winrar 5.80 (64 bit)Your Uninstaller 7EVKey



Ghost Windows 7 Ultimate Full Soft - Full Driver includes: 

Microsoft Office 2010 (Word 2010, Excel 2010, Powerpoint 2010, .)CcleanerGoogle ChromePDF ViewerTeamViewerWinrar 5.80 (64 bit)Ultra IsoEVKeyIDM


cảnh báo when using Ghost Windows 7 Ultimate  :

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