Windows 10 is designed to make it easy lớn stay up to lớn date. Regularly scheduled updates help keep you current & secure, at no additional cost.1



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Since you’re already using Windows 10 on this computer, tell us a bit more about the reason you want khổng lồ get Windows 10.

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PCs running Windows 7 will no longer get security and other updates. Get more information about Windows 7 kết thúc of tư vấn.

The best way to lớn experience Windows 10 is with a new PC

New PCs are thinner, lighter, and come with new features lượt thích touchscreens, digital pens, & facial recognition—helping you lớn save sầu time and keep everything secure.

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Windows 10 laptops


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1For the supported lifetime of the device; new feature updates are automatically delivered to devices that have enough không lấy phí disk space available via Windows Update. When possible, Windows will automatically không tính phí up space if there isn’t enough không tính phí already, & will guide you through freeing up even more if the automatic clean up is not sufficient. Devices without the required miễn phí disk space will receive sầu automatic security updates only, space permitting. Feature updates will be available for the user to lớn tải về but will not be automatically delivered through Windows Update. ISPhường fees may apply. Significant additional storage and/or hardware requirements may apply over time for updates. See more details.