Windows 8

Windows 8 Professional Crack users may update lớn the full release of Windows 8.1 without visiting the Windows Store. Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) provides access lớn the sản phẩm key for Windows 8.1. Download Windows 8.1 Pro ISO from the official Microsoft trang web. It introduces new features and enhancements khổng lồ existing capabilities, which should significantly improve sầu the overall user experience with Microsoft’s operating system. This is included in the life cycle tư vấn package for Microsoft Windows 8, and it is critical to lớn maintaining support & Windows updates by installing an 8.1 update. Windows 8.1 is now available.

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When you are using Windows 8.1, upgrading lớn Windows 8.1 is both simple & free. You Can Download Other Software Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere.


What’s New?

Improved audio recorders, đoạn Clip editing tools, and a new loan calculator have all been included.Also required are Internet Explorer 11 & PowerShell v4.0.The App Store has been overhauled to allow you khổng lồ entirely update installed programs.Furthermore, the Skydrive sầu application is now a lot more usable.It’s now available in two-bit formats: THIRTY-TWO & SIXTY-FOUR.Less exhaustingThe user-friendly interfaceIn a matter of seconds, you’ll get a long list of consecutive keys.It’s good to take a break now and again.More agile & quickIf you don’t have a touch screen, using a mouse và keyboard is significantly more convenient.The taskbar is pinned lớn the bottom of the screen when operating any software.It improved the security và performance of the system.Additional options for personalization.It enhanced the email client.It contributed lớn the improvement of the snap view.Photo editing tools that aren’t included in the standard package.A new PC thiết đặt has been created.You may store any mạng internet page or application to lớn your ‘Reading List’ for subsequent reading with the ‘Reading List’ application.Apps are automatically updated.


Rephối with the push-buttonA new login option has been added.More active boot timeSupport for 3G/4G


There is no need for a high cấp độ of training because there is no Start Menu.
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