Best wishes to lớn you is correct. I"ve never heard a native speaker say "best wishes for you", và there are no examples of "best wishes for you" in the British National Corpus.

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"Best wishes for 2011" or "best wishes for the new year" are fine. For more examples, see Google or the British National Corpus.


Best wishes lớn you

- is the more usual construction of the two.

You can wish for something (using wish as a verb) or you can sover a wish to someone (using wish as a noun). Combining these constructions is an error.



".. best wishes lớn you...""best wishes for your..."

In the first instance, towards is the connotation that to is meant to take. (It so happens also lớn be an annotated meaning.)

In the second, for has no connoted sense of directionality but, instead, connotes application or bestowal--hence the change to possessive sầu of "your..."

In one instance "wishes" extkết thúc towards the second person; in the second to lớn something possessed or conferred by the second person.

Word meaning, not grammar, is the more fitting tag. Possibly syntax as well.

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