Mayor Kyên Janey today announced the appointment of Quincey J. Roberts Sr. as the liaison to lớn the LGBTQ+ community in the Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS). Filling this role builds on’s commitment khổng lồ ensuring that all residents are represented and served in an equitable & accessible manner. Roberts also serves as the Education and Outreach Manager for the Human Rights Commission. 


Mayor Kim Janey & Civic Engagement Cabinet Chief Aisha Miller tapped Roberts khổng lồ serve as liaison to lớn the LGBTQ+ community in the Office of Neighborhood Services following the former liaison"s transition khổng lồ the private sector. As the LGBTQ+ community liên hệ, Roberts will work to lớn encourage, facilitate, and maximize the community’s đầu vào và participation in local government & address their needs by connecting them with đô thị services. He brings to this role a wealth of experience engaging this community & a passion and dedication to addressing their concerns in areas where they are often underserved và overlooked. 

“Quincey has demonstrated a passion for public service và a gift for fighting for underserved populations,” said Mayor Kim Janey. “Since day one, my administration has worked towards an equitable City for all residents & I know that in this new role Quincey will further that effort on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Serving the LGBTQ+ community has always been the center of Roberts’ work. Discouraged by feelings of exclusion và isolation by an LGBTQ+ community dominated by Trắng leaders & unrelatable agendas, Roberts & his partner Corey Yarbrough co-founded the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition (HBGC) in 2009. Guided by the community it served, HBGC worked khổng lồ inspire và empower Hispanic, Latinx, và Blachồng LGBTQ+ through activism, education, outreach, và counseling. Roberts led HBGC in executing its leadership development programs, tư vấn groups, & an annual Youth Empowerment Conference, the largest gathering of LGBTQ+ youth of color in New Engl&. He has also created Gay-Straight Alliances và other student support services in schools with predominantly Blaông chồng and Latinx student populations. 

“I am very excited to have sầu Quincey as the LGBTQ+ liaison for the Office of Neighborhood Services,” said Chief Aisha Miller. “Quincey is a trailblazer for’s LGBTQ+ community, especially the younger members. Quincey advocates for a culture of respect và through his new appointment he will monitor & ensure that progress is made towards eunique on behalf of all persons who identify as LGBTQ+. I am confident Quincey will be the much needed voice that ensures the rights of the LGBTQ+ community are protected.”

Roberts also worked with the Union United Methodist Church và Justice Resource Institute khổng lồ establish The Youth Lounge, a youth drop-in space that offered after school programs & activities khổng lồ LGBTQ+ youth of color under the age of 21. Roberts’ work with the Union United Methodist Church earned him a seat on the Board of Trustees in 2013. This made hlặng the youngest và first openly gay trustee of the congregation.

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“My life’s work has been service và advocacy,” said Roberts. “I am trying lớn vày my part in leveling the playing field for the most marginalized. I am honored and excited lớn advocate and serve LGBTQ+ tuyonline.vnians as the City of’s LGBTQ+ liaison. Let’s get to lớn work!” 

Roberts’ appointment as the LGBTQ+ community liaison builds on his work as the Education & Outreach Manager for the Human Rights Commission where he is responsible for facilitating constituent outreach và education about the Commission’s mission, programs and services. He previously worked as the Public Relations Speciacác mục in the Mayor’s Office of Veterans’ Services from 2015-2018 and most recently served as the Education và Outreach Manager in the Mayor’s Office of Fair Housing and Equity from 2018-2021. 

In his spare time, Roberts enjoys listening lớn music, analyzing speeches, watching Spike Lee films, playing basketball, meditating, và brunch on Sundays. He currently lives in Dorchester with his husbvà Corey Yarbrough of five sầu years. The two have a growing family, co-parenting a beautiful son Quincey Roberts Jr. with long time friover Victoria Mills.


The Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS) encourages, facilitates & maximizes citizen đầu vào and participation through service requests, neighborhood meetings, mailings, & emergency responses. To report non-emergency issues lớn the City, residents are encouraged to lớn connect with BOS:311 by dialing 3-1-1 or by downloading the không tính tiền BOS:311 tiện ích on iOS or Android platforms. 


The Human Rights Commission is a seven-member body appointed by the Mayor, which was originally created to receive và investigate complaints regarding discrimination relating to the workplace, housing, credit, education, public accommodations & other areas.

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The Commission has the power to conduct hearings and gọi witnesses, và can issue reports and the results of investigations. The Commission also has the power to lớn adopt rules and regulations & recommover legislation khổng lồ the City Council và the Mayor.